so we are offering the most cost effective answer to your multimedia needs. What distinguish us from the rest is our philosophy - we believe in the Common Sense based business decisions which always mind the cost. So, we offer the best possible value for every product we do. We think that the Common Sense, Creativity and Technology is the wining formula. Our highly experienced Internationally proven crew is capable to produce even high quality Live TV Broadcast with just "One-man crew"! We also believe that the high aesthetic in every video production is necessary for it success. We can offer solution for every budget.



                                         We are the perfect choice for:

      1.TV Networks

                                                            - ENG

                                                            - Event coverage (including political events, elections etc.)

                                                            - Sports game coverage

                                                            - TV Show segments (including Behinde the scene)

                                                            - TV Commersials

                                                            - Any TV production looking for energetic, creative

                                                              and highlly efficient crew delivering the best posible footage.


                                               2. Corporate/Small Business 

                                                            - Promo Video (for TV, Web Site, Social Media etc.)

                                                            - Commercial

                                                            - Product Presentation

                                                            - Service Presentation

                                                            - Tutorial

                                                            - Educational Video

                                                            - Instructional Video (Work Safety etc. videos)


                                              3. Product: 

                                                           - Promo Video for YouTube/Vimeo/Box etc. and/or your Web Site

                                                           - Instructional Video (How to Use etc. videos)

                                                           - Safety video

                                             4. Peronal Video: 

                                                           - Presentation (for your Web Site, Social Media etc.)

                                                           - Video Greetings

                                                           - Video reel (perfect for artists and sportsmen)

                                            5. Sport Events:

                                                           - Live Broadcast (as a One Man Crew)

                                                           - Recording and Highlights

                                                           - Behind the scene video

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